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Socca and Poodla–Cross Continental Traditions

Ferndale, Michigan… I stepped into my favorite coffee oasis Chazzano Coffee for an afternoon cappuccino.  Julie Marcos, barista extraordinaire, discussed the weather and specific attributes of the latest roasting of Brazilian Santos.  Because of my food “interests” she told me about a wonderful childhood memory. While living in Nice, France, her father made a dish called… Continue reading Socca and Poodla–Cross Continental Traditions

Vegetarian Traditions, A Vegan Cookbook For Everyone

Author of Vegetarian Traditions, Chef George Vutetakis shares traditionally made local foods in his book of 150 easy to prepare super-food infused delicious vegan recipes.

Walden (Life in the Woods)

“I learned from my two year’s experience that it would cost incredibly little trouble to obtain one’s necessary food even in this latitude; that a man may use as simple a diet as the animals, and yet retain health and strength.  I have made a satisfactory dinner, satisfactory on several accounts, simply off a dish… Continue reading Walden (Life in the Woods)

Ideal Gathering Places

Farmers markets are ideal gathering places within a community, a custom which goes back to the beginning of humanity.  It is a niche where like-minded enthusiasts can gather and accomplish a variety of community goals centered around fresh food, gardening and farming. Farmers markets are becoming more and more popular across the country, especially with… Continue reading Ideal Gathering Places

Locavores do it Fresher!

Throughout human history the best foods have been local.  Regions, cities, towns and villages would have their own specialties with differences in climate and soil creating subtleties in food, often sought after for the rare experience.    The current slow food movement embraced by chefs the world over, also recognizes these subtleties and strives to… Continue reading Locavores do it Fresher!