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Asparagus En Papillote

Farmers markets are wonderful places to discover regenerative springtime delicacies, such as life-enhancing superfoods like the asparagus featured here.    This recipe is a revival from an older post.  The presentation is dramatically delicious, adding a sense of discovery as one unfolds the steaming parchment.  An additional advantage is this is a quick and easy… Continue reading Asparagus En Papillote

Four Days, Seven Farmers Markets and Two Farms in San Diego

As I step through the sliding doors of the San Diego Airport, the intense heat of the fall sun reminds me that San Diego is indeed a desert despite the numerous efforts to turn the ecosystem into one that is temperate and green. This is readily visible in any patch of land left to fend… Continue reading Four Days, Seven Farmers Markets and Two Farms in San Diego

Peak of the Harvest San Diego Market Tour

When summer begins to wane and the autumn leaves begin their transition, the tables at the farmers markets explode with color. Whether it is San Diego or Detroit, the September harvest is a magnificent time to be in our local farmers markets which have become our community centers, weekend playgrounds and the instigators of culinary… Continue reading Peak of the Harvest San Diego Market Tour

Farmers Market Indian Lunch

Lamb’s quarters is one of those pesky plants farmers have been trying to eradicate since the beginning of industrial farming.  Probably used as a potted plant in the Victorian era, the edible plant commonly sprints in sidewalks and gardens.  It was only a few years ago that I started seeing it sold at farmers markets.… Continue reading Farmers Market Indian Lunch

Remembering Tea

May 18, 1996 – March 3, 2011 Animal friends make a tremendous difference in our lives.  Often, they opitimize what is selfless devotion and love.  For me, their unrestricted, pure actions help to define the gifts we have as humans.   Animal companions are frequently healers in our lives; they respond to our pains and do… Continue reading Remembering Tea

Making Every Day Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I chose a collection of previous blog posts as a tribute to the connection we all have with the planet.  A small reminder that everything we do can be a celebration of the earth.   How to Shop at the Farmers Market               Locavores… Continue reading Making Every Day Earth Day

Sound Vibrations

  Food and music have always been intertwined, both reflecting vibrations of life.  Our quality of life, health and longevity are determined to a great extent by the food we choose as well as the music we listen to.  I am reminded of this every time I enter the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  Markets like this… Continue reading Sound Vibrations

Celebratory Cooking

Opportunities arise throughout the year to celebrate.  Some of the biggest challenges a vegetarian host faces is developing a menu which will satisfy everyone–the carnivores and vegetarians alike.  Generally speaking, vegetarians are very easy to please.  They tend to be so food-deprived at parties, that when they attend an event where they can trust everything… Continue reading Celebratory Cooking

The Theory of Vegolution

It was another beautiful day in San Diego and we decided to go to Nature’s Express for lunch.  Just a block away from Balboa Park it is a perfect location for a light meal after a stroll through the beautiful park.   In spite of a variety of past experiences restaurants here, we had a… Continue reading The Theory of Vegolution

Georgia on my Mind

Pomegranate is a neighborhood style restaurant at the edge of University Heights.  As a change of pace, we decided to have a dinner out to celebrate the last day of my son Spyros’ visit.  Entering the restaurant, we stepped into another world, chock-full of a spirit and hospitality unique to Russia’s feisty neighbor, Georgia. In… Continue reading Georgia on my Mind