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Peak of the Harvest San Diego Market Tour

When summer begins to wane and the autumn leaves begin their transition, the tables at the farmers markets explode with color. Whether it is San Diego or Detroit, the September harvest is a magnificent time to be in our local farmers markets which have become our community centers, weekend playgrounds and the instigators of culinary… Continue reading Peak of the Harvest San Diego Market Tour

A Visit To Sage Mountain Farm

It was a sunny Wednesday morning when I set out to visit one of Phil Noble’s three properties, known as Sage Mountain Farm.  The Stardust Ranch, which used to be part of an western ranch and a stagecoach stop on the way to Temecula, is 740 acres. Driving by the rolling hills and dramatic rocky outcrops… Continue reading A Visit To Sage Mountain Farm

Summer Surfing at the Markets

  Friday at the Mission Hills Market My home is in Mission Hills, a gorgeous area of San Diego founded by early 20th Century visionaries in the Arts and Crafts tradition with charming historic homes, parks full of spectacular foliage and a strong community presence.  I was thrilled when a farmers market sprang up in… Continue reading Summer Surfing at the Markets

Making Every Day Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I chose a collection of previous blog posts as a tribute to the connection we all have with the planet.  A small reminder that everything we do can be a celebration of the earth.   How to Shop at the Farmers Market               Locavores… Continue reading Making Every Day Earth Day

Cooking Inspiration From Sage Mountain Farm

Last Sunday at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market in San Diego, Phil Noble of Sage Mountain Farm was showing passersby a large shoot of elephant garlic. He was explaining the colossal versatility of the leek look-alike which is only available a few weeks in the Spring when the shoots are young and tender. The mature oversized… Continue reading Cooking Inspiration From Sage Mountain Farm

Sage Mountain Farm

A great joy of farmers markets are the short, yet meaningful exchanges between farmers and patrons. Often educational for the shopper, discussions range from the nature of vegetables to preparation of recipes and invariably the weather with its adverse affects. On a recent trek to the Hillcrest Market, Phil, the owner of Sage Mountain Farms… Continue reading Sage Mountain Farm