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Black Pepper Tofu

For many people tofu is a bland experience, turning off the most adventurous of palates.  This recipe helps to counteract that falacy with the assistance of the treasured spice of Asia, black pepper.  It makes for a flavorful side dish with a simple meal as well as a provocative appetizer.  The key to good sautéed… Continue reading Black Pepper Tofu

Spring Risotto with Asparagus and Walnuts

This is a simple, yet flavorful method of preparing risotto, more of a pilaf really. Good as a side dish or main course, this recipe is different from the traditional butter, wine and parmesan cheese approach, but every grain of rice maintains an inherent full and creamy flavor. I find asparagus at the local farmers… Continue reading Spring Risotto with Asparagus and Walnuts

Socca and Poodla–Cross Continental Traditions

Ferndale, Michigan… I stepped into my favorite coffee oasis Chazzano Coffee for an afternoon cappuccino.  Julie Marcos, barista extraordinaire, discussed the weather and specific attributes of the latest roasting of Brazilian Santos.  Because of my food “interests” she told me about a wonderful childhood memory. While living in Nice, France, her father made a dish called… Continue reading Socca and Poodla–Cross Continental Traditions

A Recipe For Red Orach

One of my favorite amaranth varieties is red orach,  also known as garden orach, French spinach and mountain spinach.  Red orach was first documented in the New World in 1714 and Thomas Jefferson grew a green variety in his Monticello gardens.  It was discovered as far back as Mesolithic times and was commonly grown in… Continue reading A Recipe For Red Orach

Cranberry Chocolate Salsa

Cranberries have been part of the American diet for a long time. Early immigrants learned about them from the native, indigenous tribes in New England where they became synonymous with late Autumn and, of course, Thanksgiving.  While various health benefits have been touted for years, such as the cranberry’s unique ability to prevent UTI’s, only… Continue reading Cranberry Chocolate Salsa

Raw Food – Living Markets

In 1981, I visited a 300 acre organic farm in Southern Michigan which housed the Creative Health Institute.  It was there that I was exposed to the early years of Live Foods as directed by the late matriarch of the movement, Ann Wigmore.  The farm grew the grains which became the sprouts in the food;… Continue reading Raw Food – Living Markets