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Harvest Vegetable Salad

  Staying healthy sometimes can be a challenge.  Aside from taking common sense precautions, there is a lot we can do to keep ourselves healthy with food–colorful foods, that is. The darker and more colorful fruits and vegetables are healthier with more anti-oxidants and immune building micro-nutrients.  For example:  red and yellow beets, carrots, radishes… Continue reading Harvest Vegetable Salad

State of the Veg Union Pt 5 –The Borrowed Earth Cafe

The last segment of our San Diego to Detroit veg restaurant tour took us to the town of Downers Grove, a southern suburb of Chicago, where our destination,The Borrowed Earth Cafe, awaited.  This turned out to be a little gem–an oasis of delicious raw cuisine, with all the food prepared on-site and served with an… Continue reading State of the Veg Union Pt 5 –The Borrowed Earth Cafe

State of the Veg Union Part 2 Sedona

Feeling rather full after stopping at two delightful veg restaurants in Scottsdale, we headed north toward ChocolaTree Cafe in Sedona, Arizona, a mostly raw cafe with an awesome reputation.  The journey through the mountains was breathtaking. The landscape slowly transitioned from a desert-scape dotted with saguaro cacti to a high mesa semi-desert grassland with clumps… Continue reading State of the Veg Union Part 2 Sedona

May Markets Shine

The celebrated markets of the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County often overshadow the incredible, yet unsung, farmers markets of San Diego.  There are fifty markets in San Diego supported by more certified organic farmers than any other county in America, over 320. At least one market is open every day of the week, supporting… Continue reading May Markets Shine

Raw Food – Living Markets

In 1981, I visited a 300 acre organic farm in Southern Michigan which housed the Creative Health Institute.  It was there that I was exposed to the early years of Live Foods as directed by the late matriarch of the movement, Ann Wigmore.  The farm grew the grains which became the sprouts in the food;… Continue reading Raw Food – Living Markets

Summer Surfing at the Markets

  Friday at the Mission Hills Market My home is in Mission Hills, a gorgeous area of San Diego founded by early 20th Century visionaries in the Arts and Crafts tradition with charming historic homes, parks full of spectacular foliage and a strong community presence.  I was thrilled when a farmers market sprang up in… Continue reading Summer Surfing at the Markets

Barry Koral And His Avocados

Barry Koral, one of the farmers at the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, and I wax poetically every Sunday as shoppers clamor for his avocados, chermoyas, guavas, sapotes, passion fruit, Persian limes, kumquats, blood oranges, Meyer lemons and local macadamia nuts. Although he is not “certified” organic, he describes everything he does at the… Continue reading Barry Koral And His Avocados

Red Walnuts

It was a quiet Sunday morning two days after Christmas and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.  For the first time this year, I pulled into the Hillcrest Farmers Market parking lot and found a space immediately.  Even though many of the regular vendors take this week off, days like this at the… Continue reading Red Walnuts

The Theory of Vegolution

It was another beautiful day in San Diego and we decided to go to Nature’s Express for lunch.  Just a block away from Balboa Park it is a perfect location for a light meal after a stroll through the beautiful park.   In spite of a variety of past experiences restaurants here, we had a… Continue reading The Theory of Vegolution

How to Eat a Pomegranate

At the Hillcrest Market, Barry Koral shares his booth with a seasoned organic farmer named Dennis Stowell of Tom King Farms.  He is dedicated, understated and the salt of the earth–the kind of guy you can trust your food to.  As I walked up to his side of the stand, he was in the process… Continue reading How to Eat a Pomegranate