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Beloved Carrot Cake

This was the most popular dessert for many decades and is the most requested recipe on my blog. A decadent, moist cake with a healthy density that works well as a sheet cake, round-layered cake or even a wedding cake.

Extraordinary Grains in Historic Eastern Market

When I was in Michigan recently,  I participated in events ranging from cooking demonstrations and classes to lively talks about how food is medicine.  After all the work was done, my favorite past-time was hanging out with the organic farmers in the local farmers markets. One of my more memorable stops was at the historic… Continue reading Extraordinary Grains in Historic Eastern Market

The Vegetarian Guy Tour

Join Chef George on his website tour Watch the tour video Vegetarian Traditions Video

Cranberry Chocolate Salsa

Cranberries have been part of the American diet for a long time. Early immigrants learned about them from the native, indigenous tribes in New England where they became synonymous with late Autumn and, of course, Thanksgiving.  While various health benefits have been touted for years, such as the cranberry’s unique ability to prevent UTI’s, only… Continue reading Cranberry Chocolate Salsa

Vegetarian Traditions, A Vegan Cookbook For Everyone

Author of Vegetarian Traditions, Chef George Vutetakis shares traditionally made local foods in his book of 150 easy to prepare super-food infused delicious vegan recipes.