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Peak of the Harvest San Diego Market Tour

When summer begins to wane and the autumn leaves begin their transition, the tables at the farmers markets explode with color. Whether it is San Diego or Detroit, the September harvest is a magnificent time to be in our local farmers markets which have become our community centers, weekend playgrounds and the instigators of culinary… Continue reading Peak of the Harvest San Diego Market Tour

Living Patio Potager

After selling Inn Season Cafe in 2002, Sara and I began to restore homes. Our passion was to breath life back into homes built in the 1920s with Arts and Crafts influences and handcrafted before the age of drywall and engineered trusses.  We appreciated styles such as Tudor Revival, Cotswold, Spanish Revival and Craftsman for… Continue reading Living Patio Potager

Farm Tour in the Michigan Thumb

One knows a native Michigander immediately when they use their hand to indicate an area in the state.  This is natural considering the oven-mitt shape of Michigan.  Last month at the Birmingham Farmers Market, Lee Chaput of Blue Water Organics invited me to a certified organic Amish farm in Brown City, the middle of the… Continue reading Farm Tour in the Michigan Thumb

Ideal Gathering Places

Farmers markets are ideal gathering places within a community, a custom which goes back to the beginning of humanity.  It is a niche where like-minded enthusiasts can gather and accomplish a variety of community goals centered around fresh food, gardening and farming. Farmers markets are becoming more and more popular across the country, especially with… Continue reading Ideal Gathering Places

Red Walnuts

It was a quiet Sunday morning two days after Christmas and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.  For the first time this year, I pulled into the Hillcrest Farmers Market parking lot and found a space immediately.  Even though many of the regular vendors take this week off, days like this at the… Continue reading Red Walnuts

Topsoil Tales… …or Nourishment from the Ground up

Discovering life in earth… Growing up, I often noticed my father’s dog-eared copy of Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening laying about in handy locations with scraps of paper marking pages.  He was a devoted organic gardener who discovered the earth at the age of 30 and incorporated it into his life from then forward.  The… Continue reading Topsoil Tales… …or Nourishment from the Ground up

Spicy Almond Creamed Corn

This year, the peak of the corn harvest has passed.  Still, just before frost, there are still fresh ears available that are a little tougher, but retain some of the sweetness.  This recipe is ideal with peak harvest corn, but is also a good way to use any fresh corn. The level of spiciness may… Continue reading Spicy Almond Creamed Corn

Swiss Chard

  Popular throughout the Mediterranean, Swiss chard is thought to originate in Sicily and is widely available throughout the U.S. Swiss chard has a very specific taste that ends to take over any dish it is put in. While pleasant, sometimes a different flavor and use is desired.  This recipe is just that.  It is… Continue reading Swiss Chard