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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ~ John Keats

Every fall at harvest time, I write about the Michigan farmers markets which are bursting with colorful fruits and vegetables.  Throngs of people converge on the markets to join in the harvest bonanza. The vibrant orange, red and yellow heirloom tomatoes, pure green zucchini, bright yellow summer squash and deep green kales, collards and chards… Continue reading Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ~ John Keats

Salvadorian Pupusa

The pupusa is a flavorful savory, perfect as an appetizer or addition to a meal.   Similar to the stuffed corn arepas of Venezuela and Gorditas of Mexico, they are unique to El Salvador with a two thousand year history confirmed by excavations at the Pompeii of the New World.   So basic to Salvadorian… Continue reading Salvadorian Pupusa

Spicy Almond Creamed Corn

This year, the peak of the corn harvest has passed.  Still, just before frost, there are still fresh ears available that are a little tougher, but retain some of the sweetness.  This recipe is ideal with peak harvest corn, but is also a good way to use any fresh corn. The level of spiciness may… Continue reading Spicy Almond Creamed Corn