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Santiago Serenades

I have heard many street musicians at farmers markets around the country, some are excellent, others quaint, yet there are a few who seamlessly become a part of the market’s experience and catch its spirit.  At the Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Diego, Santiago Orozco is one of those “spirited” artists.  He told me that the market is a very important way for people to gather with a common spirit and he has become an important part of the market atmosphere, helping to lift the mood of the shoppers and farmers.  His motto “La vida es musica, el mundo es musica,” which translates into “Life is music, the world is music,”  runs a parallel course to my approach to food.  When he sings, I can feel the vitality and spirit he is breathing into the market, and, with his permission, have used his music as a background for my videos.  To contact Santiago, he is available at

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