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Hillcrest Market This Week

I love Sunday mornings at the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  It seems to get better with each week…something extraordinary is happening there.  Sure, there are wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetables, as well a plethora of prepared food vendors, but I really enjoy the people.  As I enter the market, there is a feeling of collective awareness.… Continue reading Hillcrest Market This Week

At The Market and Back Home

The Hillcrest Farmers Market is fantastic this time of year. Before the summer heat takes a toll, an amazing variety of local produce is available. La Milpa Organica has tables full of kale, chard, purslane, sorrel, lamb’s quarters, yellow beans, green beans, edible calendula, lavender, mint, dill, fennel, dandelion, beets and radishes. This week, Barry… Continue reading At The Market and Back Home


My first encounter with fresh artichokes off the bush was a springtime journey 25 years ago to Crete. Walking through the village, we would snap the giant thistle buds right off the bush, eating them raw. Most often, my great aunt Yeorgia would cook them in dishes like Aginara Stefado (artichoke stew) with fennel, carrots,… Continue reading Artichokes!

Valentine’s Day

  The day began toasting a fresh batch of cardamom granola and starting a batch of 5 grain bread.  We walked our companion “Tea” through the neighborhoods of Mission Hills.  Spring flowers were in bloom and sweet scents wafted through the chilled morning air.  Winter in coastal San Diego often provides the advantage of blue… Continue reading Valentine’s Day

A Bevy of Bouchon

  For a number of years now, all that is petit or small has dominated haute cuisine.  Small bites of pure flavors and food essences are served together for a meal full of individual sensations.  In societies with a prevalence of plant based food, meals tended to be served in this tapas or mezzes manner. … Continue reading A Bevy of Bouchon

Making Tortillas

  Jenny, Sara and I walked through Old Town as we tend to visit tourist destinations when guests come into town.  The streets were bustling with families and bar hoppers.  Not many people shopping, but large populations in the bars.  Mexican food is abundant and many restaurants have women in traditional Mexican dress making fresh… Continue reading Making Tortillas

Thanksgiving Menu 2008

A vegan dinner for 20 featuring traditional American flavors, ingredients and textures. It was a wonderful evening with family, friends and food. Much to give thanks for. Organic local salad of amaranth, apples, savoy cabbage, marinated red onions, toasted sliced almonds and almond-dijon vinaigrette Whole baby beets and greens Mashed potatoes and roasted shallot-vegetable gravy… Continue reading Thanksgiving Menu 2008

Spicy Almond Creamed Corn

This year, the peak of the corn harvest has passed.  Still, just before frost, there are still fresh ears available that are a little tougher, but retain some of the sweetness.  This recipe is ideal with peak harvest corn, but is also a good way to use any fresh corn. The level of spiciness may… Continue reading Spicy Almond Creamed Corn

Swiss Chard

  Popular throughout the Mediterranean, Swiss chard is thought to originate in Sicily and is widely available throughout the U.S. Swiss chard has a very specific taste that ends to take over any dish it is put in. While pleasant, sometimes a different flavor and use is desired.  This recipe is just that.  It is… Continue reading Swiss Chard

Spicy Tomatillo Ketchup

Reminiscent of handcrafted salsas of Mexico and inspired by the bounty of chiles available in local farm martkets, this is a fiery condiment, tempered with a sweet finish from local maple syrup.  It is a recipe that works well as a salsa, a dip or a spread. Makes about 3 cups A. 1 tablespoon extra… Continue reading Spicy Tomatillo Ketchup