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Alu Methi Tikki

Vegetarian traditions are found in cultures around the world, with India being the most prominent.  As a young man, I journeyed there four times and experienced the marvelous cuisine first-hand in homes, temples restaurants and street cafes.  I learned the value of treating every meal and each morsel with respect and appreciation.  I also discovered… Continue reading Alu Methi Tikki

Creamy Cashew Carrot Soup

There is much to be said and appreciated about a cookbook which is stained with use.  The adventures of the favorite recipes continue from one generation to the next with splotches and smears of ingredients. I have a collection of cookbooks from my family, as well as many others, which have charmed me over the… Continue reading Creamy Cashew Carrot Soup

The Vegetarian Guy Tour

Join Chef George on his website tour Watch the tour video Vegetarian Traditions Video

Holiday Spirit is Alive in Michigan

The first week of December was another whirlwind trip to Michigan for events, book signings and talks.  It has been three years since my feet felt the cold pavement of a Detroit winter.  I bit my lip and braced for the cold as I dashed into the Cacao Tree Cafe where I found warmth, refuge… Continue reading Holiday Spirit is Alive in Michigan

Michigan Book Tour, The First Part

  Thursday Night:  I was full of anticipation as my evening flight from San Diego landed in Detroit.  A week of touring and catching up with old friends and family lay ahead.   As the plane taxied, I was thinking of the many ways one can benefit from my cookbook, Vegetarian Traditions, and the best way… Continue reading Michigan Book Tour, The First Part

Vegetarian Traditions, A Vegan Cookbook For Everyone

Author of Vegetarian Traditions, Chef George Vutetakis shares traditionally made local foods in his book of 150 easy to prepare super-food infused delicious vegan recipes.

Vegetarian Traditions Book Tour!

The Vegetarian Guy is on Tour! Vegetarian Traditions is about connecting the dots with our food. Knowing what we are eating, respecting where the food comes from and incorporating it into our daily routine are three important elements in the book. More than a cookbook, this is a master-key to unlock the secrets of the… Continue reading Vegetarian Traditions Book Tour!

Cretan Horta

In one of his daily shows, Dr. Mehmet Oz talked about super foods and explained the benefits.   One of the super foods he mentioned was “Greek greens,” otherwise known as horta.  On the island of Crete, the tradition of foraging for wild greens can be traced back to Neolithic times.  It is one of… Continue reading Cretan Horta