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Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

As the weather cools, potatoes become the ultimate comfort food–cherished for their creaminess and the feeling of satiation.  In Peru alone, over 4,000 varieties of

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Vegetarian Traditions, Now 100 Percent Plant-based!

In the 2022 edition, the recipes are refreshed and are 100% plant based.  They are as relevant today as when we first made them many years ago.  Included are stories of farmers, family, friends and guests in addition to explanations of the various ingredients and tips on best methods to prepare them.

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Beloved Carrot Cake

This was the most popular dessert for many decades and is the most requested recipe on my blog. A decadent, moist cake with a healthy density that works well as a sheet cake, round-layered cake or even a wedding cake.

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I am a plant-based Research Chef and product development specialist currently living in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. My passions range from culinary traditions to organic lifestyles. I am also an advocate for sustainable and regenerative agriculture.